The Essence

Soulscape was born out of the pure essence of wanting to follow our Dharma - the path of Yoga.

Our sense of wanting others to experience this same essence of Yoga, that we deeply love - we formulated journey's of self-discovery and inner peace through Yoga and meditation.

We invite you to join us as we bring you this opportunity to embrace the truth and the feeling behind the Yoga essence - as your discovery begins you will begin to find your inner peace and tranquility.

This journey brings together ample opportunities to fuse body, mind and Soul - so you may escape the binds that hold you in your daily lives and daily rituals.

The time is now - so, break-free and find your inner peace and sanctuary so you may allow your Soul to escape to new heights.

Both Jen and Belinda bring together this essence of loving the pureness of Yoga - working together as a harmonious team - both their energies and experiences compliment each other - working together in complete balance so, that they may bring you the ultimate experience of Soulscape.

~ Namaste

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~ Namaste


"When a gifted team dedicates itself to unselfish trust and combines instinct with boldness and effort, it is ready to climb." ~ Patanjali


Jennifer started practicing yoga two years ago and immediately fell in love with the mind/body/soul connection. Jennifer received her certification in December 2009 from Sculpt Fusion Yoga in San Diego and has taken here passion for yoga to new heights.

Jennifer’s teachings encourage students to look within themselves to grow physicaly, mentaly, emotionaly, and spiritualy to a higher level. She believes that teaching from what truly resonates within her helps create a passionate, unintimidating atmosphere for learning.

Students of all levels of ability in yoga will find her classes a safe haven where you can benefit from the techniques, and stress-reducing gifts that yoga can offer.

Jennifer continues to learn from the practice of yoga. She has tremendous gratitude for her teachers, mentors, and students, which help foster her continued journey to learn.

She helps to guide, support, and empower her students to build strength, balance, and flexibility from the inside out, through creative and playful exploration.


Over 20 years experience as an intuitive healer and teacher - Belinda's passion lies behind the fact that we are each so unique, as well as having the innate ability to heal ourselves. Through experience Belinda has developed a style of intuitive and guided healing to help each individual find that space, where they can safely work from the core causal plane in both their current life and past lives to bring about healing.

Having tuned into the healing energy and Yoga at a very young age - Belinda is constantly inspired by her love and passion for Yoga, by constantly discovery new methods of healing by fusing the practice of Yoga with energetic healing. While continuing to work with a diverse ray of modalities to create an intuitive healing session.

Belinda is certified to teach Vinyasa Flow inspired by her passion for Ashtanga Yoga - she continually seeks new ways to improve her own practice as well, as the practice of her students by offering a comfortable healing and learning space.

Belinda has shared her intuition and healing abilities world-wide, having worked with individuals from all walks of life including Olympic and World-class athletes. She continues to offer healing sessions, Reiki workshops and Yoga sessions throughout United States and in South Africa.